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Feb 23, 2023

One year ago, Russia launched its brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, but perhaps the greatest surprise has been the emergence of one of the most significant wartime leaders of the 21st century. How did Volodymyr Zelensky become the guiding force we know today? On Deep Dish, Olga Onuch, author of “The Zelensky...

Feb 16, 2023

In recent weeks, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings in North America have left many wondering whether US air defense systems are equipped to handle such threats. Ex-NORAD chief Scott Clancy and Carnegie Council’s Arthur Holland Michel join Deep Dish to discuss how worried Americans should truly be.    

Feb 9, 2023

About The Episode

Globalization is said to have fused our economies, societies, and cultures—but what if our world is not as globalized as we think? On Deep Dish, Shannon O’Neil, author of “The Globalization Myth,” argues that, in fact, regionalization has played a more key role in global economic...

Feb 2, 2023

Israel’s right-wing legislators have taken aim at the country’s supreme court. Their proposal to overhaul and limit the judiciary has sparked mass protest and debate and could dramatically change the balance of power. Joining Deep Dish from Israel are Times of Israel journalist Tal Schneider and legal scholar Tamar...